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Fascias & Soffits


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ROOFLINE (fascia & soffit)



Architectural details such as upvc soffits, fascia’s, bargeboards, guttering and upvc cladding contribute to the overall appearance of your property.Ogee_Fascia_and_Guttering_add__style


Unfortunately these features were in the past made from wood and need constant maintenance or they risk decay, the freeze, the thaw cycle, corrosion and insect attack. Which will take their toll no matter how careful you are about painting and repairs?


Light_Oak__with_black_gutterWith mercury Home Improvements you can choose from a full replacement where the old wooded fascia and soffit is removed and replaced with upvc.



Or choose to have the existing wooded fascia and soffit over clad with upvc (depending on the state of the wood not paint work)